Blog Like a Mag 3.0

The limited-time free, live course is happening again. Only this weekend. 

Training and templates for podcasting, live broadcasting, creating video/interview series, and writing articles or blog posts.

Blog Like a Mag is the most fun and helpful live course ever

Saturday, November 4 at
11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central

Blog Like a Mag(azine) 3.0 draws on the amazing practices of magazine brands and publishers and applies them to creating consistent, attractive content as modern independent brand owners. We break this knowledge down into 10 key sections.


Part 1
Saturday, Nov 4
11 a.m. Central

In the first session of the day, we will cover the first five key concepts from the magazine publishing realm that we want to help you apply to your podcast, blog, live/video series, and more.


1. Masthead

Think: Variations of your logo and their placement on your materials

You will learn/access:

  • Ideal placements for your masthead on podcast/series/workshop/blog collateral

  • The 3 main types of mastheads for online brands

  • Workbook pages to help you plan and design a masthead to fit your brand


2. Cover Photos

Think: Your main blog post, video, or audio episode graphic that goes with each piece of content you create.

You will learn/access:

  • A modifiable template for both a blog post cover graphic and an interview series or podcast episode graphic

  • The 5 key elements of click-worthy cover images

  • The 5 types of cover images you can create

  • 3 seriously essential strategies for using blog post or video series images in a way that can increase your traffic


3. Titles

Think: Ways you can entice your readers, listeners, and viewers (without misleading them) through your session/post/episode titles.

You will learn/access:

  • How to create engaging titles

  • 60+ title formulas that actually work


4. Content

Think: How to make your content share-worthy, and what to do to craft memorable interviews, audio episodes, live broadcasts, and blog posts.

You will learn/access:

  • The types of content that you can develop as a coach, infopreneur, or freelancer

  • Verick's (one of your co-hosts) best tips for conducting a meaningful and fun interview (something he's been doing repeatedly and successfully this year) and turning it into valuable content people will pay for

  • The 3 content rules from magazine publishing (that we wish everyone knew) that will transform your brand

  • 20+ ideas for live broadcasts you can try

  • A list of tools for simple video creation


5. Graphics

Think: The multiple graphic templates and elements you can build into your content to enhance its quality or promote it and attract the right people.

You will learn/access:

  • The 12 types of graphics you can use to grow your blog brand now

  • One of your co-host's actual graphic templates for previewing and promoting a live training or interview

  • One of your other co-host's actual templates for advertising a video or video series

  • Examples of effective graphics for podcasters, video creators, blog publishers, conference hosts, and more

  • Collateral checklists for bloggers, podcasters, and video creators


Psst--That ^^ is just half of BLAM 3.0. 
Keep reading below for the second half.


Part 2
Saturday, Nov 4
6 p.m. Central

In the second session of the day, we will cover the last five key concepts from epic magazine publishing that you can apply to your podcast, blog, video/live series, and more.


6. Original Photography

Think: The logistics and benefits of getting great original photography for your Instagram posts, Facebook group, blog, and more.

You will learn/access:

  • Essential tips for getting great photos for your brand, even with a phone

  • The "secrets" of how your two co-hosts have grown our separate Instagram accounts


7. Formatting and Styling

Think: Proper style guides for your text, images, and other elements that will keep viewers/readers engaged and make your content look more appealing, trust-worthy, and professional.

You will learn/access:

  • A quick overview of some unique formatting techniques to visually enhance your blog posts and written content

  • A style guide template for your podcast (or interview series/conference) content

  • A style guide template for your blog content


8. Editing (and Repurposing)

Think: What you can do to make your content more professional and the multiple ways you can repurpose content and craft additional helpful and profitable resources from it.

You will learn/access:

  • The 4 types of editing that will improve your written content

  • Tips for hiring professional editors when necessary

  • The ultimate idea list and guide for repurposing content


9. Copy and Voice

Think: Brand voice exercises to help you develop and evolve your writing and speaking style.

You will learn/access:

  • 6 essential tips for refining the way you speak to your audience

  • Voice exercises to help you get more comfortable writing the way that you speak

  • The keys to relaxing and sounding natural and engaging during live broadcasts (even for shy, awkward people like me)


10. Editorial Calendar

Think: Learning the approach magazine publishers take that you can use to plan out your editorial content effectively.

You will learn/access:

  • Some seriously compelling reasons to create a schedule for your content

  • An easy-to-implement "12-month and 2-month" strategy to plan a year’s worth of content


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Note: There are no replays for this epic event.

The value of BLAM 3.0 is way beyond the $500 we could charge, and it’s currently only happening free this weekend, live. You can attend one or both of the sessions.

Each session includes different parts (explained above) of the whole BLAM 3.0 training, so it’s ideal to make both if you can. They will each last approximately 2 hours, and they each include some top secret giveaways. If you can only make one session, try to choose the one that includes the areas you most need to work on with your brand before the end of the year and beyond.

Meet Your Hosts

Regina Anaejionu is teaching BLAM3
Verick Wayne is teaching BLAM3

Hi, I'm Regina (the one on the left in the Jimi Hendrix shirt). And I'll be one of your tour guides through Blog Like a Mag 3.0. I've been creating content online for several years on multiple sites, and I've been through all the trial and error imaginable.

But, I noticed something epic a few years ago--the first blog I took incredibly seriously, and applied several concepts I learned as a magazine publisher to, was the first blog to get sponsorship offers, get over one million visitors, and employ other people full time. At, I help self-publishers and indie content producers monetize their knowledge in ethical and fun ways online.

Hey, I'm Verick, and I kind of hate bios but Regina says I need one so . . .

Like some of you, I am new to online content creation. After getting an MBA and spending time working for a large tech company, I deiced to take the plunge and pursue my passions as an entrepreneur.

Now I am building a lifestyle brand focused on travel, photography, and more. In the process of building my brand, I've gotten really excited about beautiful aesthetics and the power of Instagram. I've been practicing lifestyle photography, learning the power of user-generated content, and building my Instagram following to over 23,000 people (@VerickWayne). I'm here to share with you what I've learned, and also to learn from you.