Here are your Extras for BLAM 3.0!

1. Section 1 (The Masthead) Worksheet Pages

2. Blog Cover Photo Template // Event Session Cover Photo Template

3. Section 3 (The Titles) eBook Pages with Over 60 Title Formulas

4. The Cloud-Based Planning Doc for the 5-Step Content Process and Topic Brainstorming

5. Verick's List of 30 Live Streaming Ideas for You

6. Style Guide Template for Your Blog // Style Guide Template for Your Podcast or Interview Series

7. The Quick (4-Page) Guide to Editing Your Content

8. Ultimate Idea List for Repurposing Content

9. Simple Writing/Voice Exercises


As a bonus "thank you gift," please feel free to check out the mini-lesson below on the 12 elements of a foundational (think: cornerstone, epic, flagship etc.) piece of content on your website. I use these elements on both my business website and a lifestyle website to create share-worthy, popular content.